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Monday, March 23, 2015

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Call Child Services! Another Broken Arm at the Barrett Residence!

Would you believe that Easton broke his arm this week as well? He was riding a bike off a little jump on the sidewalk and fell over and landed on his right elbow. Turns out he has a fracture. Nothing as severe as McArthur's break. Yet I have two children with full length arm casts. AHHH!

Another Broken Arm?

Yep! McArthur broke his arm again! This time he was jumping at a power tumbling place and landed wrong on his left wrist. Snapped both bones clean in half. The worst looking thing I have ever seen on my children yet. There was a noticeable wave to his wrist with his hand hanging down. That poor little thing was in so much pain. Thanks to morphine at the ER had got some relief. I never want to relive this experience again.

NewPort Beach California 2011

Best family reunion ever! Going to Newport Beach is the greatest thing ever with all the Barrett's. It's become almost a tradition and feels a bit like home when we are there. A most beautiful, heavenly home that is. No one wanted to see it end. Great times!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family In Town!

It's always something to look forward to when you hear family is coming to town, ie my Sister-in-law Heidi. We are fortunate enough to have had them just come this last week and stay at our home. It was just Heidi and her two children, Teddy and Elsie. We had a blast and really enjoyed our eye-to-eye contact therapeutic sessions. It's always rejuvenating for me when she comes to stay. I went a little crazy with the photos of her little Elsie due to my recent photography class. But that little girl is worth taking photos. She's so stinking cute!
We also got to spend some more time with my other sister-in-law Katie and her adoreable baby Macy. Those cheeks!!

Halloween 2010

Halloween was great again this year. It has gone from being a holiday I used to hate all growing up, to one I thoroughly look forward to thanks to my kids. I love seeing their excitement in dressing up and I absolutely LOVE trick-or-treating with them!

Jacqueline was a mystery girl this year. We couldn't label her any one "thing" rather that she just wore a costume. She looked awesome however, and got to break in her costume at her jr. high Halloween dance. You would have thought she were going to Pro
m with all the time and preparation that went into getting her ready. She knew exactly what she wanted and I felt great pressure meeting her expectations. Luckily, I did.

McArthur had picked being a Cowboy and then threw on the horse he wore a couple of years ago at the last minute. He said, "I can't ride a horse without my horse!" Well said McArthur. What kind of a Cowboy would go around without a horse
to ride.

Easton was super excited to be a "Inja" this year and definitely had all the moves. He certainly knows how to ham it up.

We had both of our families over during the day for Taco Soup and Scones and had such a blast spending the day with them. Cute little Neices Hale and Macy were
so fun to see and Nephew Kaden made a great Spider Man. Good times!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome Home Bill and Hawley! Hooray!!

After three long and eventful years, Bill and Hawley finally came home this July from being Mission Presidents in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mission. We missed them terribly and it has been wonderful having all the family around this summer for some much needed reconnecting. Just some random photos of the Barrett clan this summer 2010.

Fall pictures

Fall pictures